Free Online TV Watch : Mobile or PC

Free Online TV Watch : Mobile or PC


Coming soon World Cup Football 2018, many people have to put the flag on roof of the house. Many are busy in buying TV again, some are busy to buy jerseys of choice groups.And there is no talk of social media or we have seen Bengali films, dramas, short films, jokes, about of World Cup Football.Television is the only way to enjoy this World Cup Football. However, this post will assist you because yes load shedding or the unforeseen issue of television does not interfere with watching your World Cup game.

Free Online-Tv main Features

Just not only watch World Cup Football. But also 1000+ television channels of any country without any hassle.Especially those who have problems trying to watch television on PC will be more tuned for them.You will not need any TV box if you watch TV with these apps.Let’s introduce you today with two apps that will allow you to watch any television channel on any side of the world, effortlessly and completely free.

How to Watch Online-Tv on Smartphone

If you have any Android phone you can enjoy all the channels. There is no problem with smart-phones.

  • Go to the Google Play-store
  • Search Below this apps. (LIVENET TVS // WIFTSTREAMZ)
  • Install this apps on your smartphone
  • After intall open this apps your smartphone
  • Select which channel to view
  • Watch & Enjoy.
Free Download Online-Tv apps
  • LIVENET TV [This app works very well on mobile phones. All the channels are also HD.]
  • SWIFTSTREAMZ [Most of the channels are not HD, but you can easily watch HD for small screens in the mobile.]

How to Watch Online-Tv on PC

If you want to watch Tv directly on your PC then you have to do some work.Since no apps are installed on the computer, you need to use third-party software.

  • At-First Free Download BlueSteacks Software below to this link.
  • After finished downloaded, run this software on your PC.
  • Then open the BlueSteacks software.
  • Now install any one of these software. LIVENET TV  || SWIFTSTREAMZ
  • After intall open this apps your smartphone
  • Select which channel to view
  • Watch & Enjoy.
Free Download BlueSteacks Software

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