Unlimited BD Free Internet on Smartphone

Unlimited BD Free Internet on Smartphone


Free Internet like as One of Gold Deer. We always come to the internet and find out how & where to get free net is available.How many tips and ticks are used but no one can use it at the end of the day.Its main reason is that an operator or Internet organization is generally not willing to give third parties to their purchased internet service. As much as possible everyone has strong security on their Internet access.But after that there are some Intelligent person who have been able to take the free net to get a knockout.Like them, today we will learn how to use free internet through some ticks.

Today I will hack your Skp Vnp limit, easily without any type of inventory and without any hassle a secret trick.


1 Step > Download “Parallel Space” & “Sky VPN”apps and Install on your Smartphone.2n Step > Open SKY VPN on your smartphone. Than click 3 dot symbol. if you don’t understand 3 dot symbol so follow the below image.

3rd Step > You can see the Premium Traffic 313MB view. I’ll hack it and show you how to get Unlimited MB. Visit “Invite friends” menu options on the apps.

4th Step > Copy share invitation your link and minimize apps.

5th Step > Go to any web browser in your smartphone and paste the link and click on the go button. Wait here and minimize it. There is more work.

6th Step > And now open the “Parallel Space” apps on your smartphone.

6th Step > First window you can see “start button” click here then second window you can see “ACCEPT button” again click here and go.

7th Step > Now that we will hack Sky Vpn. For this, select Sky Vpn and click Add to Parallel Space.

8th Step > Open again Sky Vpn from here & open after Wait a few moments.9th Step > Click Start to use vpn.

10th Step > At fast select countries box and than sleeted japan country.than minimize this apps.

11th Step > At fast saying that Web browser has more work to open the link and open the apps from the Play Store and you see your original Sky vpn go to MB.

What I saw was 313MB. Now showing my 1300 MB. Now you are talking. How many GB will be done. Simply solve the Parallel Space data in the same way, and Unlimited mb without any hassle. If friends know any problem then they will comment. So today I have ended up so far.

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