How to use Free VPN to Firefox Browser

How to use Free VPN to Firefox Browser


VPN’s full form is Virtual Private Network. You can use the location of any country using VPN. There are some websites that do not allow them to visit without the IP of the particular country, in that case we can use VPN to display any website. So let’s see the bottom part.

In order to use VPN in the Firefox browser, we will add a small extension to the Firefox browser, named as Browsec VPN. In the previous discussion, we have shown how to use free VPN in sequence browser and Opera browser. In today’s light, I will show you how to use Free VPN in Firefox Browser.

How to add extension to the Firefox browser

To add extensions to the Firefox browser, first you need to open Firefox browser from your device. After opening the Firefox browser, go to the and press enter. After pressing enter, new pages will be opened at the bottom.

See the picture above. On the right side of the picture above the red marking house on the right side, there is a list of several VPNs below which can be seen on the bottom by searching browsec VPN. From there click the red mark on the browsec VPN option. After clicking the page will come like the image below.

Then click on the red button to add the + Add to Firefox button to the image above, click on it. After clicking, the file will start downloading. After the end of the download, the page will open on top of the browser like the image below.

From here click the Add Text button to reddit the image above. After clicking, the extension will be added to the Firefox browser.

How to connect VPN to Firefox

Browsc VPN After adding the Firefox browser, the Firefox icon can be seen on the right side of the Firefox browser to connect to VPN, just like the red mark on top of the image above. Now make it there. After clicking, the options below can be seen. Now the top mark shows the red mark United Kingdom. I have already selected the location in the field of immersion.Decide which country you want to select. Since this is free, you can use the location of so many countries.

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