Full Version Free Download Partition Manager Software

Full Version Free Download Partition Manager Software


Below is the list of names and pricing lists of the top hard disk management software listed in 2018.One thing to remember is that the price is high but it is not good at work.The list below is based on the user experience and the features of the software.Take a look at some of the serials that some software has occupied.

10 Best Hard-disk Management Software

01. Paragon Hard Disk Manager | $49.95
02. Easeus Partition Master | $39.95
03. Paragon Partition Manager | $39.95
04. Spotmau PowerSuite | $39.95
05. Avanquest Partition Commander | $49.95
06. Acronis Disk Director | $49.99
07. TeraByte BootIt Next Generation | $39.95
08. O&O Partition Manager | $39.95
09. Acronis Migrate Easy | $39.99
10. Kroll Ontrack Disk Manager | $59.95

From the above list, you may be sure that the Paragon Hard Disk Manager software is the best software for the first time.But sadly let me know that you are not getting Paragon Hard Disk Manager software as usual.The reason behind this is that I personally do not like the software.Because its size is much higher (32bit and 64bit two different versions to upload 600MB data usage). Today you will find the second position in the list.Many may have been upset, but for your happiness, I’ll give you the best version of the software.Whose current market value is $ 699 and the size is relatively less.So before starting the download, let’s know about the features of the software. Then can not be downloaded either.

Easeus Partition Master | Price $699

  • You can move any partition smaller or larger without losing any type of data. Do not reboot the PC to switch to a drive other than a system drive.
  • You can pair any two side-by-side partitions together.
  • You can change the primary or logical partitions one by one.
  • You can de-frigate the disk.
  • Recovery or backup of the partition.
  • In any case, the data will not be lost from the hard drive. Besides, there are many more features that can be understood by downloading. But before starting the download, take a look at the inner environment. The same thing as always, the first person to look after.

Full Version Download

If you enjoy the features of the software and if you meet your needs, then download the zip file with the software version of the download link below and download the file with my medicines file.You do not have to worry about the size. Because you have to spend only 30 MB of data to download the full version software.

Installation and Software Setup

If you downloaded the downloaded zip file, then extract it and run the internal set file.Set the normal routine, however, uncheck the Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program checkbox in the Additional Task Selection Option.Then follow the instructions below for the activation.

  • First off your PC internet connection.Then 64bit for Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\EaseUS\EaseUS Partition Master 10.2\bin And for 32 bit Windows C:\Program Files\EaseUS\EaseUS Partition Master 10.2\bin Block the Main.exe file in the location by your computer’s firewall.
  • Open the software now. Also run the Medicine.exe file in my median folder as admin.By clicking on the generic button in the medicine file, you will get a license code like the first image below. Keep it copied.

  • Click the Activate option marked on the right side of the software main window. Then the images will appear as below.Paste the license code you already copied into the box. Then press the Activate button and the software will ask for an Internet connection and not ready to be ready for offline activation.

  • Now surely the following images are coming? Keep a copy of Machine Code like a good man.Then paste the second image above the medicine file into the Machine Code option.Then you will get the automatic activation code below.

  • Now paste the activation code as shown in the image below and press OK. Your work is done, the software is full version. Now keep using the fun, but do not forget to update.

Now Full version Easeus Partition Master and Enjoy with use this software

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