Most popular blog & article write assistant : Grammarly

Most popular blog & article write assistant : Grammarly


There is nothing new to say about Grammarly, yet the article author and Blogger’s favorite tool, so far, have 40 million users. The purpose of today’s tune is to inform those who still do not know about it.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a software that checks our Grammar in English text and tells where it went wrong and tells him how to fix it.

Why should we use Grammarly?

Everyday we have to use English for many jobs. But the problem is that most of the Bengali English we can not do well. And there is no limit to the error of those who can do anything. g Grammar mistakes, Grammar wrong etc more. Most of us use Facebook.In terms of writing on facebook, spelling and grammar mistakes are to bear the consequences of insult and various talk. Freelancers need to talk to clients every day and bid for work. Getting the job done wrong if the cover letter is wrong. We can do Grammarly for correcting our English mistakes.

What we can get from Grammarly :

  • Helps to correct spelling.
  • Check the grammar and correct the mistake.
  • Supports technicality of words.
  • Re-Writing helps.
  • Helps to find the finished text.

How to get Grammarly :

Grammarly has both free and premium versions. We can easily download Grammarly free version. There are two software in free also. For use in a web browser and the other for use in MS Office. So download and remove its weaknesses.

Grammarly Free Version Download

After sign-up to this site you can Download.Download the browser extension and add it to your browser.

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