Get a lot of traffic on website useing : Reddit

Get a lot of traffic on website useing : Reddit


Reddit is an USA based Bookmarking site and Also Social media Networks.According to the 2018 statistics Reddit unique visitor was 50k million plus and Alexa Rank 7.The main reason for Reddit popularity is that any post from this site can be easily viral, so that you can easily get lots of traffic for your site or blog.The details about how the Reddit work in this post are explained.

How to Use Reddit Account

Today I will share with you about of Reddit.If you have not been aware of Reddit yet, then there is a great surprise for you.The use of this site is very great to get huge traffic online.If you want to get traffic on your website then you must see this post.Let’s go to our main post.

Up-votes and Down-votes

If you notice the following Reddit figure, you will find there are options on the left side of the submitted address at the Reddit UP and DOWN arrows. This means that when you feel like someone submits a link then vote-up with the up arrow and if it feels bad, then there is a down arrow to vote-down. The voting system can be commented in addition to these arrays.

Reddit Karma

This is a point. When you receive an uptake for your submitted link or comment, you will earn Karma according to the point or Reddit Account system. But if you get more down-vote, Karma will lose the opportunity to earn and your account will be banned.And it happens when you submit your offer or site link. Many people can say this, “Can the man do it !!!”So if you can not submit your site link to this site then why do you browse this site? “I am clearing this matter in post.


Categories in reddit ID are called sub-reddits. And the best part of Reddit is to say that you will find all categories that are not seen in other social bookmarking sites.

Stealth ban

This means that when you are going to spamming continuously Reddit can not know but when you are banned as a punishment. You can view your submitted link only but it will not be visible to the public. So to check this matter, you will see your Reddit profile URL with any other browser that you do not login to Reddit account and if the “page not found” comes to the text then it will be banned and not really, all is well.

Many discussions are about how we can get lots of traffic through Reddit for site or landing page

1. Firstly, must open an account at Reddit.

2. Previously I told you to bend your offer or share the link of the site. Yeah, for the first time, forget about your own site or offer page and share new and interesting topics to other sites or blogs at Reddit and earn karma through the up-vote.

Because the rules of the regiment have to share the topics of other sites which must be interesting and new. When Karma achieves 150, you can share your link since then, but also share links to other sites because the rules of the regime are said or not, the ban is inevitable.

3. When submitting to the sub-raddit context relevant to the topic, you can get banned if you do not read the rules of the sub-red rules.

4. Reddit is high ranking new stories from old studio so try to share new and interesting topics. And another thing I say is that the value of the first 10 votes is the same value as the next 100 votes and the next 1000 votes also compared the same value with the 100 votes.

5. While sharing the topic, you must give an interactive title so that everyone can be attracted.

6. Must take the time for topic sharing. Because at the time of the acquisition of people who are sharing less Reddit then you will not get the desired expectations. It is commonly said to be shared well before 5pm EST.

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