Bitcoin advertising banned on Facebook

Bitcoin advertising banned on Facebook


Social media giant Facebook has banned advertising of all kinds of Crypto-currency including Bitcoin.The organization told the new policy on a blog post.On Facebook, it is reported that their doors were always open for developing technology.

But many companies are not honest in buying and selling virtual currency. And that is why they made such a decision.Facebook has said that no financial products or services of confusing or fraudulent advertising can be given on Facebook. Under this policy, Bitcoin and other Crypto-currency are included as well as prohibition of advertisements for sale of coins.By the end of last year, prices of Bitcoin and several other top-of-the-art Crypto-currency suddenly started to rise.And because of this many people started showing interest in bitcoin. But there are a group of people who have been fraudulently misplaced by the customer’s money disappeared. The report was published in different media.

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