Facebook blood donation feature in Bangladesh

Facebook blood donation feature in Bangladesh


Social media giant Facebook introduced new features to simplify the donation process in Bangladesh.Through this Facebook feature, any donor Facebook user can sign up to this platform.On the other hand, you will know who is in need of blood to give blood around.

On January 22, Facebook confirmed the matter in a press release. On January 23 the Blood Donation feature will be unveiled by Facebook’s South Asia Healthcare Manager Hema Budaraju and South Asia’s Head of Programs Ritesh Mehta.Earlier, in October 2017, Facebook launched the services of the donation process in India. There were about six million signatories signed with this process.

The donors interested in this feature will be able to sign their blood group by signing in and there will also be their residence locations.Then, when someone needs blood, a message will automatically be sent to the donor. If he wants to donate blood, then he can accept and accept it.The feature can also be found on Google Play-store, iOS and Website. Anyone from this link can also login to the organization.

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