Why the old i-phone performance is decreasing?

Why the old i-phone performance is decreasing?


Although the longevity of the iPhone hardware device, its effectiveness has slowed down in a few years-the smartphone users have been accusing it for a long time. Most of the concept is that the new version of the iPhone comes in the market when Apple company creates the older iPhone software performance slow down. As a result, users were forced to buy new versions of iPhones.

After quite a while, Apple has recently accepted the charge. Complaining about the decreasing speed of iPhone 6 and 6S and 7 for the past few months has started to come. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the agency acknowledged the older models of iPhone slowed down, and explained the reasons behind this.

The Apple authorities said that when an iPhone used for a few years, intentionally reduced its processor clock speed. But why is that? In response, they say that the iPhone algorithm is arranged in such a way that the battery can show satisfactory performance even after a long time.However, due to the new version of the technology and software updates, the battery and processor of the phone are no longer functional as new. So iPhone users do not have any bad experiences, so Apple makes slow work to take the new version of iPhone.

It is also informed by the company that our goal is to provide the best performance of the iPhone to our customers. This includes overall efficiency and the ability to make the machine lasting. Lithium-ion battery provides less energy than cold weather. After a long use, the battery charge is low.For this reason, the device can shut down unnecessarily to protect the electronic components. However, Apple 6 and 6S and 7 have deliberately failed to do anything like this. These phones have become sluggish due to the new software updates.

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