How to rank YouTube videos?

How to rank YouTube videos?


If you want to get a website or a specific page in Google search results first, such as search engine optimization, you need to have a YouTube video optimization to get a video first in YouTube search results. In many cases it is seen that shortly after publishing a new video, it is a top-of-the-line Google search result, but it is going to disappear quickly, due to the lack of just the opt-out optimization.

I do not know very well about YouTube video optimization, I’m studying for my own work, and so I’m sharing it for a bit more. Hope you enjoy it. Any advice will be accepted with respect.

Youtube Video Optimization:

The following facts will be useful only when your video can be valued. The video should be beautiful and informative.Both the “On page Optimization” and “Offpage Optimization” have the importance of bringing the YouTube video rank. Let’s see how to do YouTube optimization.

On Page Optimization:

1. Relative Keywords: Just like keywords in a website, some of the videos will have some relentless keywords which are most important! Relative keyword videos are always displayed on top of YouTube search. It is important to mention the most reliant keyword among the first 50 words of video decryption.

2. Video Title: The most targeted keyword in the title of the video. Visitor can not be misled by misleading title! The title must start with the title and it will be very interesting to see that this is just the right video. For a series of videos, the title of each video titles should be mentioned in the serial number, in which the previous and next serial video will show on YouTube’s suggested videos.

3. Video tags: Relative keywords must be filled in the video tag so that YouTube can understand what the video is. YouTube will show your video to the wizard when viewing these tags.

4. Video Decryption: You must write the description of YouTube video very well. Typically 300+ word-of-speech YouTube promotes. The description should be unique and arranged where the information about the video will be available. It is good to mention 4 times key word in the description.

5. Thumbnails: Thumbnails create the first impression of a video. Video uploading and processing, YouTube automatically suggests thumbnails with 3 snapshots from the video, but always emphasizes custom thumbnails for YouTube rank.

6. Video Transcript: Transcript has the importance of ranking the video. The best way to create video transcript is by using keywords.

7. Channel Authority: YouTube Channel Authority plays a role in the video ranking. With channel views, linkage with video view, engagement growth, subscription and website and social media pages.

Basically these are the on-page optimization for YouTube video ranking. Let’s know what to do with off-page optimization.

Off page Optimization:

1. High Retention View: How many people saw your video, and how many times it looked, it is very important. The high-retention view basically means looking at at least 50% -60% of the video’s total length.

2. Video comments: Comment to increase video rank and channel authority is very important! There is a lot of positive comments on a good video, that means the video of the video is important. Thanks for a good comment or an engagement by answering someone’s question is important for the rank. Do not go to sit and comment again because you can understand YouTube spam comments.

3. Subscribers: If you like the video, the video will subscribe to the next video or update, which will make it even more popular not just for YouTube but also Google.

4. Favorite: One of the key factors in the video rank is how many people got the video upside down and added the “Watch Later” to the list.

5. Thumb Upgrade / Downs or Likes / Dis like: Video Rank Based on Video Like or Digital If someone chooses a video, the thumb will be picked up and the thumb will be down if annoyed. It also shows the video quality and dependency of the video to the visitor.

6. Backlinks: Inbound links are considered as YouTube banks. Relative backlinks are useful for YouTube video rank.

7. Social shares and embeds: In the YouTube video rank, embedded video shares and blog posts embedded in social media have great importance.

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