How will be E-Passport

How will be E-Passport


In Many days of the machine readable passport time has ended.The concept of machine-readable passport (MRP) is almost complete.Because of this era is now electronic or e-passport.This passport has been started in 119 countries of the world.Bangladesh is not behind E-passport can be launched from December.

According to government’s exit and passport department sources, the e-passport-related project proposal will be presented on June 5 at the executive committee meeting of the National Economic Council.Prior to this, the project was approved on 15 May in the meeting of Economic Affairs Committee. Germany will provide technical assistance to Bangladesh in this project officially.It is known that the ruling Awami League government considers the issue of introduction of e-passports as part of their political success-failure. That is why they want to introduce e-passports before the parliamentary elections.

How will be E-Passport

The passport department sources said there are 38 types of security features in e-passport. The data currently available in MRP database will be transferred to e-passport. The validity of the passport is 5 and 10 years.With the introduction of e-passport, MRP passports will not be canceled. However, if the passport expires, then he will have to take an e-passport instead of the MRP.Currently there are passports in the form of books, e-passports will have similar books. However, at the beginning of the passport book, there are two pages of information related to the person, the e-passport will not be there. There will be a card made of Palmyra. There will be a chip in this card. Passport handling information will be stored in that chip.

All information on e-passports will be stored centrally in the public key directory (PKD). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) operates these international databases. All airports and land authorities in the world, including Interpol, can enter the database to verify the information.If the applicant for e-passport is invited for a visa at a country embassy, ​​then the authorities will automatically verify the information stored in the picdrior with the information of the applicant and accept the application and then cancel the visa sticker or cancel the book. The immigration authorities of the land and the airport will also check the e-passport information in the same way.

From the Directorate of Passport, it is known that the automatic border control management system will be set up by establishing e-Gates as per the demand for every airport and land port in the country for the launch of e-passport. Those who have e-passports in hand, must cross the border with this gate. However, those who have MRP passports in their hands, their immigration work will continue in the existing system.

Expenditure is Tk 4,600 crore

These arrangements are available in the Airports and other border ports of different countries. E-passport has been introduced in 119 countries of the world It is safer than machine readable passport.The passport department sources said that initially, 20 lakh passports will be provided by printing from Germany. After this, more than 20 million passports will be printed in Bangladesh. That’s why the factory will be set up in Uttara. Later, the e-passport will be printed from the factory.

The expenditure for this project has been estimated at Tk 4,600 crore The whole money will be borne by the government of Bangladesh. Officials are convinced that the cost of the passport-making government will save around $ 3 when the e-passport is opened in the ratio of the government’s expenditure to the current book size passport.