The worst password of the year

The worst password of the year


The new year is started by farewell to the old year. But many people could not eliminate old habits for using password. Experts have always warned using the number 123456 as the password.

But it is easy to remember that many people can not leave the password. As the worst word, this number is the top of the list for the year 2017.Since 2013, the four years of the year 123456 have kept the top position as a bogus password. The second place is the password word. The third place on the list is the 12345678 series. Then there is QWERTY (quarty). In the top five, there is a series of 12345.

Also, the series of 213 4 5 6 numbers occupies 6 positions in the top 25 bog pavards. Based on the information provided to users in North America and Western Europe, this survey has provided the survey for SplashData.

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