Sandisk Brand 1TB Smallest Flash Drive

Sandisk Brand 1TB Smallest Flash Drive


In the USA Las Vegas CES Fair, the competition begins with the storage capacity of many laptops, TVs and other technologies. This year the technology maker Sandisk showed the prototype of the smallest terabyte USB-C Flash Drive in the world.

Of course, this is not the highest data storage capacity flash drive. Last year, 2-terabyte Kingston DatatraVeller Ultimate GT is the highest data-capable flash drive. However, Sandisk has reduced their flash drive size to Kingston’s flash drive. It also supports USB-C completely. That is, the flash drive will support the computer as well as the Android mobile phone.So far the prototype has shown the sunscape. So did not tell me anything about the price and date of arrival in the market. But currently the price of a terabyte USB-CSDD is 350 US dollars.

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