Earn small amount to make simple work

Earn small amount to make simple work


Income from various websites can be very small and easy to task complete.No, you do not have to do full-time work.Working in just 5 hours of the day, you can earn in this digital age, the amount of money that will satisfy your small needs.What a job! The usual tasks you’ve been to sit online are almost the same. Let’s get acquainted with the websites.

Income from various website

There are many ways to work if you want.There is no limit work in the online world but there is lack of skilled manpower.You can increase efficiency in one or more special tasks.Then you will not find your work online that’s true Work will find you.

User Testing

This website is very interesting. After completing the account here and after completing the video test, you will start getting notifications of new video test in the email. They will give you job to review or test a website, and to complete it successfully, you will need to send them to your computer’s screenshot.It takes 15 to 20 minutes test each website. Basically visit the website to see how important the user is for a user or user friendly. And for each website they will give you 10 to 15 dollars or 1 thousand taka to Tk 1,500.

Website Link : https://www.usertesting.com


This website is fast moving and they are opening up new routes every time for your income. Best and fastest road to this website is to download any one of the apps, including PerkTv, in your home, watching TV on your TV, called Park TV.However, they will give you an online gift card with no cash money, which will allow you to buy any product including Mobile, Tab, Laptop, from Amazon, Walmart, Gap, Starbucks, Target and many online product selling platforms.

Website Link : https://perk.com


This website is unique in one place and it will give you 100% commission if you shop online through this website. That means you will get the money that you make money, and you will get the money again as a commission. Not great! But if you give them the whole amount then what is their business!The question is not turning around! Their business is displaying advertisements and props of various companies on the home page, from which they earn more than that. There are also some other income roads that you do not know. You start shopping and return the whole money back as a commission.

Website Link : https://www.topcashback.com


Another website that gives you payment to watch the video. You will see their video and they will give you money for this. But there are more ways to earn money from this website, including games and games.

Website Link : http://www.zoombucks.com


This website will pay attention to seeing their videos online and listening to FM radio online. However, this TV and radio is not their own, third party from whom they receive payment and pay their visitors and audience payments.

Website Link : http://www.fusioncash.net


This website offers payment for videos, shopping, playing games, participating in various online competitions, and more for various types of work.

Website Link : https://www.cashcrate.com


From the beginning of the video, there is a variety of interesting fun activities, including online surveys or games, on this website, which will also make you pay for doing it simultaneously. You can usually earn 25 to 100 dollars or 2000 to 8000 tk on this website by doing the things you do online online.

Website Link : https://www.swagbucks.com

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