Amazon has been launched without seller SuperShop : Amazon Go

Amazon has been launched without seller SuperShop : Amazon Go


E-commerce giant Amazon launches a shop that does not have a cash counter for a seller or product.In the United States of America, on January 22, the shop named ‘Amazon Go’ was launched on January 22.If anyone want to shop from “Amazon Go”.So At first this person need have a Amazon App install in his/her smartphone.

”Amazon Go” Super-shop  shopping system:

By purchasing the product as per our need, the product was directly taken into the shopping bag.When the checkout process is automatic, the product gets added to the smartphone shop’s virtual shopping card when the product is discarded from the shelf at the time of the purchase.If you do not need it again, then keep the product away from the app.At the end of the purchase, the door to which the buyer will enter.The Amazon app will be able to scan the smartphone while entering the door.When the app scans on the door again, the value of the product is deducted from the credit card associated with the app.And there are hundreds of cameras that can be seen on the camera in every product, and the computer will know which product is being bought and no buyers are buying it.”Amazon Go” authorities did not agree to provide details about Amazon’s technology. However, this superpower has been used in machine learning and computer vision technology.

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