What you should know before buying gaming laptops ?

What you should know before buying gaming laptops ?


One thing to remember when buying gaming laptops. That is, it is not intended for general use. Gaming laptops for those who want to get gamble and get better experience in the game. Gaming laptops are also available in Bangladesh market.There are gaming laptops of brands like HP, Asus, MSI, Razor, Dell. The price of gaming laptops is comparatively high. So before buying a laptop like this, a few things must be kept in mind.HP, Dell, Asus officials on gaming laptops advised to focus on a few issues.

Whether the hardware is suitable (CPU + GPU) :

Games like Assassins Creed or Watchdogs require lots of processing power to play games. So it requires a processor, so that it can be easily opened. Intel Core i7 quad-core processor would be in the laptop to get a free gaming experience.But those who want to spend a little less, they can take dual core i5. There are Intel Core i7 quad-core processors in the HP Women Series or Leicester series of Lenovo. In most cases, such processor gaming laptops cost up to one lakh taka.In addition to the CPU, GPU is equally important for buying gaming laptops. GPU means graphics processing unit. If the graphics in the gaming laptop is not good, the game experience will not be good. Nvidia Gifter GTX should be. High-end laptops have GTEX 1080 or GTX 1070 GPUs. But GTX 1060 or 1050 GPU can take the game pressure.

Proper RAM and Veram :

RAM is very important in gaming laptops. So you can choose a lot of RAM and video RAM or VRAM. The higher the RAM, the better the experience of the game. Gaming laptops require at least 8 GB of RAM. If it is less then it is better not to go to the gaming laptop.

Shiny Display :

Resolutions in gaming laptops are not as low as 1920 by 1080. Top-end laptops have QHD (2560 by 1440) or four (4,840 by 2160) resolutions. But as the display is as advanced, the price can be seen to be more.There are Froacon resolutions such as the MSI Titan Gaming Laptop. It is worth four lakh taka. But for the hardcore gamers 1 1920 by 1080 is enough. Good if the screen size is bigger. The gamer will get special advantage in the 17×3 inch display.

Lots of storage :

Gaming laptops should not have a deficit in storage. The important thing about gaming is to keep the storage empty. Both can have SSD and HDD. Must have at least one terabyte hard disk. Most games will require empty space while playing.

Keyboard and touch-pad :

To play games on laptops, keyboards are useful for games. If the keyboard is not easy or the touchpad is not friendly, then you do not have fun playing games. Most gaming laptops are now making keyboards and touchpad suitable for gamers. Customized backlit keys can be liked.

Sound Quality :

Gaming means the game of words. If the output of the game is not good on laptops, then the fun of the game is spoiled. Audio equipment must be considered when buying a gaming laptop. It must be noted that the speaker is not located next to the front. Front-facing speakers are convenient.


The game’s laptop is sturdy, so be careful.

Cooling System:

Whether there is enough system to get the air out of the laptop and the cooling system will be developed, it must be seen.

Price of Gaming Laptops:

The price of the HP 383 NX3 Tx model is Tk 1.96 lakh. The price of NO 25 TX is Tk 1.86 lakh, CEO 30 Tiks price is Tk 1.44 lakh. CEO 31 Tiks price of 1 lakh 26 thousand taka.Asus’s GL 702 VM-BA 359 is priced at Tk 1,55,5, GL 553 VD-FY 139 model is 88 thousand taka, GX501 VL-JZ037 model is priced at Tk 3,10,000. The Dell 7567 model laptop will be available at Tk 1.3 million.

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