Make Money Online By upload & share files

Make Money Online By upload & share files


We use many types of file sharing Website for upload & share our files.But we can’t make income by uploading files share.Do you know that you can earn by uploading share your files.Today i want introduce to you such as a uploading file sharing site which is by you can make money.Up-4ever is a site for profit from uploading files,profits are calculated one each download it provides some of the other properties for profit.Up-4ever pay even 7$ per 1k download in some areas.Up-4ever is calculated as earning rates for all areas without exception we offer you the best pricing around the world in order to benefit.

How to sign-up Up-4ever ?

      1. At first click this link for Sign up.
      2. Enter your User Name.
      3. Give minimum 6 digit strong Password.
      4. Retype Password.
      5. Enter your Email Address.
      6. Select your Payment method.
      7. Attach your Payment info. (Depend on Payment method as like as if you select Payza paymnet method so give Payza email address)
      8. Robotic Re-captcha test.
      9. click login button & Done your Registration.
      10. Now you can upload any file and start earning.

Up-4ever Current Best download pricing :

  • Size / Group : 1 Byte-2000MB
  • Group A USA,Canada : 7$
  • Group B United Kingdom, Australia : 4$
  • Group C Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates : 4$
  • Group D Others country : 3$

Up-4ever Best Download Gift :

By your links lots of download files through this site, you will receive various types of gifts from this site. As like as Gift Smart-watch, Tablet, Notebook,Laptop etc

Up-4ever Some Features

What is UP-4EVER : It is the center to upload files and images, which as well as being free, it pays you! so you can make money from home.

How Can I Earn Money : How can you start a profit? It’s just three steps: Create an account, upload files and then earn on each download!

Reward Referrals : Referral program! when invited to unregistered people site, you get 10% extra profits from the member who registered on your link, without touching his money.

Buy Products : You can transfer your profits to one of the products offered in the purchase page, some products require shipping to your home address and it will be free.

Details Statistics : Knowledge of statistics profits. this will you analyze your audience in order to help you better target your audience.

Low Minimum For Withdraw : When you arrive for the amount of 1 dollar you can withdraw your money on most of the available bank.

Higher Rates : We have the highest rates of profit for your downloads start profit now.

Support of Most Banks : we provide most of the electronic and local banks, this is to help you withdraw your money at the bank available to you.

Payment Method : Paypal || Payoneer || Payza || Bitcoin ||  Skrill || Web-money.

Up-4ever Current Profit Mood

PPD : Earning 100% of completed downloads + profit from inviting someone through your referral link, if your referral bought a premium account, you take 50% o the account price + 30% when renewing premium membership.

PPS : Earning 20% of completed downloads + profit from inviting someone through your referral link if your referral bought a premium account, you take 85% of the account price +70% when renewing premium membership.

Mix : Earning 55% of Completed download + profit from inviting someone through your referral link, if your referral bought a premium account, you take 55% of the account price + 50% when renewing premium membership.

Referrals : You will get an extra of 10% from the total profit of user who register on your referral link,You can use the banners on your site or in your signature in the forums, to bring in as much as possible from members.

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