Earn Money From By Link Shorter : Adf.ly

Earn Money From By Link Shorter : Adf.ly


Adf.ly is an ages and most popular trusted link shortener network and it is started work in 2009. .It works enjoys this, publicists pay Adf.ly to advance their stuff, you contract a long URL, for example : “https://itcareworld.com/others/c-p-a-affiliate-marketing/6347” to “http://rapidtory.com/3KHo“. At that point you share the connection and once it’s clicked, the promotion is appeared and you get paid a specific sum contingent upon where they live. In case you’re intrigued, Sign Up Here.

Adf.ly Short Description :

Now Adfly is a most popular link shortener company behind its popularity is very simple its cpm rates, quality service,quick payments etc.Its payout rate is very high compared to other url shortener network.Apart from payout rates Adfly offers some good features to its users like 24/7 days customer support,multiple payment methods,multiple tools, quick payments,high fill rates,attractive referral program,low minimum cashout limit etc.Adf.ly has lots of advertisers frojm all over the world so it is very helps to provide high cpm rates.

Adf.ly Short Dashboard Features :

  • Multiple Links : This tool allow you to convert All of your long urls into adfly paid links.All you need to do is just cut and paste HTML of you page into HTML tool box,then it will generate a new page for you.
  • Mass Shrinker : It allow its users shorten upto 20 URLs at a time. Mass Shrinker is a best tool if you want to shorten many URLs at a time.
  • Easy Link : if you don’t want to short any link you just want to earn from your blog,then this tool offers you simplest way to make money with adfly.
  • API Documentation : API Documentation is very useful if you want to integrate adfly url links in your applications.
  • Bookmarklet : Bookmarklet is a toolbar of your browser, whenvever you visit a website you just simply click shorten with adly button in your tools bar then that website url will be converted into adfly shorten link.
  • Google Analytic : Google Analytic is very useful when you see your adf.ly statistics in google analytic.
  • Website Entry Script : Website Entry Scrpt allows you to make money every time someone enters your blog.First your visitor have to see ads for 5 sec.Then your visitor allowed to visit your website.
  • Full Page Script : If you hae a blog then this is very useful to convert all your links into adfly paid links.
  • Pop Ads : If you have a site and wish to make money when a visitor simply enters your site. you can use this tool to display Pop Ads.

Adf.ly Formats and Detailed Stats :

Adf.ly is a link shortener based ad Network so it offers banner based Intersitial advertisements to all its users.Also Adf.ly offers and advanced stats reporting system to all its publishers,it shows Month,Date,Years,Total Views,Referral Earnings,Announcements,Total Earning, Graph,Average CPM,Link Earning,Views,Daily CPM etc.

Adf.ly Terms of Use :

  • Shrink any website URLs that contain adult material.
  • Do not place Adf.ly shorten URL links on sites containing Trojan or any virus etc.
  • Do not offer any incentive to vistior to click on Adf.ly links.
  • Don’t spam any forum or website using Adf.ly links.
  • Do not use fack traffic to gain clicks or views.

Adf.ly others Features :

  • Daily Payment
  • Per 1K views for paying Upto $17.15
  • 20% Referral commission
  • Easy to create Account
  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Nice Customer support
  • Multi offer tools
  • Complete task and earn money
  • 3 type Payment withdraw option (Payza, Paypal, Payoneer)

Adf.ly Payout Rates  :

Adf.ly offers different payout rates for mobile and desktop traffic, also it offers 3 different advertising formats to its users to monetize,including Interstitial,PopAds,Banner Ads.Currently it offers upto $17.15  for per 1K views. Its payout rates change on daily basis so, these rates are not permanent.Its payout rates are depending on visitor location,number of click, traffic type etc.

Adf.ly Payment Method  :

  • PayPal (Minimum: $5.00)
  • Payoneer(Minimum: $10.00)
  • Payza (Minimum: $5.00)

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