Best Android Browser Application Free Download

Best Android Browser Application Free Download


There is a growing expansion of Android Smartphone in everyday.This device is getting quite popular with users day by day.Due to the various advantages of Android devices, many people give the importance of Android devices to use mobile based internet.There are many Android internet browsers in endowed.These are essentially made up of certain topics.Generally, two types of browsers for Android are visible: Full featured mobile browser & Data profitable mini mobile browser.

Best Android Browser Application

An Internet Browser App is required to browse the internet on smartphones.All Type of Android Smartphone have a default browser for browsing the Internet.But due to no special features of the browsers, updates are not available. As well as browsing speeds are available less.So this post will give you an idea of ​​some Best Android browser apps.

Dolphin HD Browser

Dolphin HD browser is a browser mosaic of Mozilla’s popular desktop-based Firefox web browser. It has the advantage of adding add-ons. It has many advantages. This browser has been created based on an interesting color.

Dolphin Browser’s Best Features: –

  • Easy to open windows.
  • Quick Scrolling Facility
  • Thin styling tabs and management are similar to Chrome.
  • Additional tools and plugins can be installed from the Play Store.
  • There are also many other benefits.
Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.5/5 2 July 2018 Default on Device 50M+ Varies

Free Download & Install

UC Browser

UC Browser is a free web browser for android devices with Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access music, video, cricket information with smooth experience. Customized cricket feature is available on UC Browser. You can visit many cricket sites to support your team, and watch cricket live stream, and check out match scores on UC Browser.

The best features of UC Browser:

  • Small Window Mode
  • Fast Download
  • Data Saving
  • Ad Block
  • Facebook & Night Mode
Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.6/5 10 Augest 2018 41MB 500M+

Free Download & Install

Opera Mobile Browser

Over the past few years Opera has become quite popular among mobile users. Most mobile users use different versions of Opera. There are a number of versions of this, because of which the users have downloaded the same version of the Opera OS. This is a data-saving browser.

The best features of Opera:

  • Flash Supported.
  • Low-data cost-effective browsing software.
  • Available services of different low or high versions.
  • Slow in some cases, but it is very good for other devices.
Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.4/5 31 July 2018 Default on Device 150M+ Varies

Free Download & Install

Firefox Browser

Firefox brings improved performance, faster browsing speed and other security and privacy features. You can easily customize your browser with Add-ons. It’s not just fast, but it uses the interface to combine with the advanced tab of Smart Tab. Recently, Firefox browser is becoming one of the most preferred browsers for Android phones. Unfortunately, it does not support embedded videos.

The best features of Firefox:

  • Firefox Sync integration, all your devices.
  • Web page render may be slow.
  • Innovative way of quickly hiding and revealing your tabs.
  • Lack of ability to request a desktop version of a website.
Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.3/5 07 August 2018 Default on Device 120M+ 62.0

Free Download & Install

Google Chrome

Already Google Chrome has ranked the world as a popular browser on the computer. In fact, it will be the most used browser in the world after a few days. Google Chrome’s beta version has been released for Android 4.0 devices.

The best features of Google Chrome:

  • Clean and Minimalist appearance, but fast browsing.
  • The same great tab management from the desktop sibling.
  • Does not support Flash.
  • No ability to request desktop version of a website.
Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.3/5 08 August 2018 Default on Device 1000M+ varies

Free Download & Install

SkyFire browser

SkyFire Browser is another very common browser for Android. This is the third best browser in terms of TechCrunch rank. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube show you the perfect size like a PC. SkyFire will need android 2.0 mobile handset for download.

Best Features of SkyFire:

  • Flash Video supports.
  • Facebook’s Quick View Advantages.
  • Convenience to change User Agent.
Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.3/5 08 June 2018 Default on Device 100k+ 5.0

Free Download & Install


Naked Browser steps away from the usual experience as there are fewer features on offer and it has a very basic but functional UI. The focus is very much on efficiency without bloat and ads, and it doesn’t pretend to be offering all of the bells and whistles of other apps. However, because of this, the stripped-back browser offers an extremely fast user experience with quick loading.

Rate Update Date Size Install Version
4.4/5 19 May 2018 120MB 50M+ 1.0

Free Download & Install

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