How To Recover Deleted Image On Phone

How To Recover Deleted Image On Phone


Let’s say, a picture has been deleted from your phone. , but the image you need is very much.And that was the picture of your Android Phone. So how do you get your needed image back? There is a lot of thought to be said.So let’s take a look at the below section, how to get  recovery image method.

Rules for Recover Deleted Image in Android Phone

To recover deleted images  from my phone, I will use an extra app install that’s called Android Restore Photos.To install apps on Android phones, go to Google Play Store first.From here, search for Restore Photos.

See the image above. After searching, several apps like the image above will be seen below.After that there is a red mark named Restore Deleted Photos, which shows the apps, click here.You can install apps on your phone by clicking.After the apps are installed, open it.After opening, a new page will be displayed.

On that page there will be Let’s Start and then even a page will appear, there will be the option to select Language. Select the language you want to use now. After selecting the language you will be leaving at the next step.

Deleted Image Recovery on Android Phone

You can see pages like the image above.You can see pages like the image above. To redeem an Android phone deleted image, click on the Scan Now article to red mark the image above.Wait a few minutes after clicking. Because the deleted image is scanning your phone. When you finish the scan, there will be show option of the show picture at the top, click on there will be deleted movies on your phone. All pictures with the previous picture will be deleted.Now after scanning, save pictures you can save from somewhere hopefully.

Download Recover apps

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