Harmful Apps that should be removed now

Harmful Apps that should be removed now


Turning off annoying ads while running an app on a smartphone does not stop it? Perhaps the harmful adware program is installed on your smartphone. Google Play-store has many such apps that are harmful. Israeli cyber-security company Czech Points has listed 22 flashlights and various work apps as adware.

The lights in the Google Play-store are called Lights Out. These are downloaded from 15 to 75 million times. They have suggested to uninstall the listed apps quickly.Researchers at Czech Points said that the app contains suspicious scripts, which ignores the user’s decision and shows illegal advertisements. In addition, the app can not be removed easily, so the icon is hidden.

List of harmful apps: Smart Swipe, Real Time Booster, File Transfer Pro, Network Guard, Infocus Turbo 5, LED Flashlight, Voice Recorder Pro, Free WiFi Pro, Call Recorder Pro, Call Recorder, Realtime Cleaner, Super Flashlight Light,Wallpaper HD, Cool Flashlight, Master WiFi Key, WiFi Security Master, Free WiFi Connect, Brightest LED Flashlight-Almighty, Brightest Flashlight, Call Recorder Manager, Smart Free WiFi, Brightest LED Flashlight-Pro, Clean Lights

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