Google Adsense CPC,CTR,Page RPM

Google Adsense CPC,CTR,Page RPM


All of you have already been informed that adsense has recently announced on their official blog about Google Adsense on the website of Bangla Content.However, since all the adsense ads are not compatible with the Bengali site, many people can not be successful by applying for adsense from Bangla sites.However, soon we will hope that Google Adsense will permit Bangla on the Bangla website to crack all the stubbornness.Therefore, before applying for Adsense from Bangla Website for your long-paid job, you must make the website suitable for Adsense.

What about Google Adsense CTR,CPC,Page RPM

The topic I am discussing today is very simple but an important issue for Adsense Publishers. Many people can not increase their earnings from their AdSense account because they do not know clearly about this simple matter.Google basically provides advertisements for adsense publishers by calculating CPC and RPM. In that case the higher the website’s CPC and the higher the RPM rate, the higher the income of the website. Those three people who are heading on this easy three issues will be clear if they read this post carefully.

The main and only way to increase revenue from Google Adsense is to increase blog traffic. The more visitors who will be able to earn more from their adsense blog. Prior to discussing the key point of the post, it is a matter of fact that the basic idea of ​​our today’s post is not to increase CPC and RPM, but only basic ideas about Google AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR. Later, we will share a post about CPC and RPM increase.


Today we will discuss and discuss these three topics in a different way. But before that there are some other issues related to them that if you do not know or do not clearly understand your concept will not be clear.

  • Click : Click Ads for Google adsense means click only. This page does not indicate how many pages of your website are clicked on.


  • Impression: This is interpreted by every page view on your blog. The author also indicates an Individual Ad View with the Page View, Ad View, on your blog. Generally, Impression is of three types, namely- Page views, Page impressions, and Ad impression.


  • Page views : Page-view are meant by how many ads visitors have seen through your desired blog pages. Suppose your blog has a total of 3 ads on a page, but the visitor did not see all the advertisements on that page, because it was an ad downstream because it did not go above the browser. In that case, your page views will be counted as 2.


  • Page impression : Page views and Page impression are the same thing. The two meanings are almost the same type.


  • ADs impression: It calculates the number of ads displayed on each page of your blog. Suppose your blog has 3 ads in a post and the post has been visited 5 times in total. In this case, Ad impression will be calculated 3×5 = 15 which means 15 ad impressions of the desired post will be calculated.


CTR(Click Through Rate) : CTR is used to explain how many times an advertisement has been clicked on a blog or a total view of the advertisement on the website. For example – Suppose your blog page has 100 views and only 10 visitors click on Add.

CPC (Cost Per Click) :There is no need to say anything more about Cost Per Click. Because you understand yourself what it means. The meaning of how many dollars you will pay for Adsense due to the click of your advertisement. In this case, the higher the clit rate, the greater the income. Suppose-your CPC rate is 0.03 $, in that case you get $ 0.03 per ad click.

RPM (Revenue Per Mile) : It is calculated by calculating how many dollars will be given per 1000 page views without clicking on a blog’s ad. Suppose – your blog’s advertising RPM 1.25 $, Google will pay $ 1.25 for 1000 views of your blog’s ads.

Total calculation of CTR, CPC, and RPM

In the past, you have got clear ideas from the three things that how Google AdSense calculates how you pay for advertising and how your AdSense income increases and decreases. Now I will try to give clear ideas about three things by example.

Example- Think your blog gets one million pages per month and your blog’s CTR 3%. That means just three out of every 100 page view ads by clicking on your blog. In this case your net CTR (total view x CTR ÷ 100) means (100000×3 ÷ 100) = 3000 times.

Click on 3000 ads in your blog’s 100,000 page views. If your blog’s CPC rate is $ 0.03 then the total click rate (3000×0.3) = $ 900 That means, due to the fact that one thousand viewers will click on 3000 ads, Google will pay you 900 dollars.

On the other hand, if your blog’s advertising RPM is 1.25 $ then you calculate the total view (total view ÷ 1000 x 1.25) that means (100000 ÷ 1000 x 1.25) = $ 125 Except for CTR, Google will pay you more than $ 125 for the ad view only. As a result, if someone receives 100,000 views of the above mentioned blog, then he will be able to earn 900 + 125 = 1025 dollars a month from Google Adsense.

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