Some information about CCTV Camera

Some information about CCTV Camera


More modernized society is growing, the more we use Hi-Technology products for our safety.We use different types of things for safety purposes.Use of modern equipment makes our security arrangements easier.CCTV cameras are currently being used for home and organization security purposes.By which you can create almost 100% percent security forces in your home and office.In the interest of national security, currently the use of official and non-governmental CCTV cameras in different places is already noticed, It was not possible to imagine that before.

What is CCTV Camera?

CCTV cameras are a special type of camera through which security activities can be done wisely, which is not possible for one or others.CCTV cameras are a special feature that this camera is active for 24 hours a day. And create and record the entire footage and keep them as data.Which can be seen in any time. With the latest standard CCTV cameras, you can view the footage of the destination from any part of the country directly on your smartphone.

Before Buy CCTV camera, know some of necessary information

CCTV camera memory

The current internal memory card is connected with modern or advanced camera which was not previously.Attached memory prize and quality belong size can be memory size 32 to 128 gigabytes.These cameras do not require external memory to save data.But with some low cost CCTV cameras you will not get the internal memory card. You need to add your own memory card.

Pan / Tilt CCTV Camera

A new addition to the modern camera is a pan / tilt. By which a camera lets you see images around the place.A CCTV camera pans most of the degree to rotate horizontally And it is tilted vertically and it is called Tilt.Some of the best CCTV cameras, for example, the Sricam SP005 SP series up to 355 degrees up to pan and tilt up to 90 degrees.CCTV cameras may be rolling through remote applications through their applications.

CCTV Camera Video Resolutions

Resolutions of advanced CCTV cameras are capable of producing 720P (1 MP) and 1080p resolution video with a very good quality.Good quality cameras are special features that can show and hold transparent precision images during the day, called hi-deviation or HD.With brand cameras, you can get various types of 2D and 3D quality videos.And you can get night moods in the night or in the dark. Night Motion will also be a clear video in the dark.

Audio sensor on CCTV camera

Motion sensor facility has been added to CCTV cameras recently.If you want to get smart security through CCTV cameras then you will have to purchase a very high quality CCTV camera.Because the earlier cameras did not have the advantage. Through motion sensors, you can listen to video footage as well as audio, which will fulfill your 100% requirement of security.

CCTV Camera Installation and Setup

Generally, the wireless CCTV camera is the easiest to install and setup because it has no connection.CCTV camera installation facility depends mainly on positioning and mounting.It is easy to mount cameras with magnetic bases or sticky pads, but for a long-term, a reliable way to screw the camera on the wall. If CCTV cameras have a good pans, However this may require proper positioning. You can just place them on a tall table or draft.

Waterproof CCTV Cameras

Depending on the use of CCTV, you can purchase waterproof CCTV Cam. If you use home-care / home-based security, you can purchase general quality CCTV. But if you want to use for outdoor or open space security, you must purchase waterproof cameras.

CCTV Camera Infrared LED

Looking at the CCTV cameras, there are some small bulbs connected around the camera. It is basically an infrared LED. The number of these bulbs will be as good as the CCTV camera in the dark as well.

CCTV Camera footage-range

Maximum range of CCTV cameras is dependent on the focal length of the image and size. The higher the range, the objects will be clearly visible from a distant distance. High range is essential for external CCTV cameras. A CCTV camera may be at least 20 to 25 meters in range.

CCTV cameras DVR device

Some CCTV cameras are manufactured by CCTV cameras as a part of the organization. They are compatible only with their parent DVR. So if you have to buy a CCTV camera for a DVR, make sure it is compatible with DVR.

CCTV camera top Brands

At present, some brands are being created every day in the field of technology. Which is the highest quality and the quality of the presence of the market is giving the impression that there is no way to tell the big stars so accurately.However, some of the widely sold CCTV cameras are mentioned in the band which are providing good services at present. CCTV bands: Cp Plus, Hikvision, Dahua, Zebronics, TVT, ESSL, Panasonic, Samsung.

CCTV camera warranty and price

CCTV cameras now offer various periodic warranty services in the brand. However, good quality CCTV cameras are confident to provide a minimum after service care / warranty of 6 months to 3 years.On the other hand, there is no way to tell the value of CCTV cameras. Because there are huge different types of CCTV cameras in the current market, which price range from a minimum of Taka 1k BTD to Tk 500k BDT. However, you can visit the Allstorebd website or Facebook Group to purchase a good quality camera.

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