The requirements to get the Google Adsense Approval

The requirements to get the Google Adsense Approval


Many people often say, Google AdSense is not giving account to Bangladesh, or 6 months before Google AdSense can not apply.These words are simply false and incorrect interpretation, there is no such thing in Google’s current policy. Most of our new bloggers have found that they apply without completing the terms provided by AdSense.Many people copy the content from another site, paste it in the blog or writing something about pirate (eg game download, movie download) or someone else writes the copy, write about the others and then apply in AdSense.

That’s why their adsense is never too optimistic. And then they think the Adsense gold deer. But Adsense is not the golden deer. If you agree with the terms of AdSense, then apply it, it will be completely within 4/5 days of applying your AdSense application. Remember, your site must be of good quality and information rich.

Let us know today that what are the issues we must keep in mind to get the Google Adsense Approval :

Content type

Before applying in AdSense, always keep an eye on what content you are publishing. Must be content, without copy paste, copyright, free pirate or anything else. Adsense accounts can not be found at all these times because AdSense does not want to show ad content on the site.We write content for the user which is always to be friendly to search engines. There are a few things you need to keep in mind that, in no case, copyright images of the site will not be used, it is against their policies. Also, refrain from publishing articles written on pornography, hacking-cracking, game-related or illegal articles. Generic blog content in normal rules only possible if possible get approval.

Quality Resource Conentent

You are writing to the web, to subscribe the user. Obey it Surely the articles should be informative and correct. Your content will be quality when creating a well-researched resource for the user. Users will not have fun reading, they do not need content that will never help making good conditions. For the availability of AdSense, the important application for linking is Quality Resource content, so the first thing to do is to look into this issue.

Site Design and Navigation

The design of the site is very important. Designing your site proves your skill, so design your site in a way that does not seem to be a lot new and yet the work is going on Under Construction.Google does not offer Adsense Approval on the underground construction site. 90% of the sites designed with sophisticated color and extra colorful backgrounds do not get the approval, so be careful in these cases. Also, the Navigation Level of the site should be ezed and the site pages and link structures must be of course. Remember, if there are any banners in bizarre colors, then remove them, then apply, then apply.

Make some important pages

Privacy Policy page :This is a very common mistake that everyone has. Google gives a lot of importance to the privacy policy of a site. Privacy Policy is basically what your visitors and readers should and should not do, what they get on your blog and discuss how you use your blog.So it’s important to have a Privacy Policy page in general. If you can create a privacy policy page on your own, then read some Privacy Policy pages on the site to see what or how to write.

About Us Page: The About Us page is also very important for getting AdSense ads on your site. If you apply for AdSense without making this page, then the possibility of getting your Adsense Effect is very low. The About Us page basically talks about you or your site.How Sita starts, who or who carries out this site and discusses what the topic is about. About Us The main element of the page. For this reason, you must make an About Us page before applying for AdSense. Visit some sites by reading their About page and start writing.

Contact Us Page: Contact Us Page Basically lets your visitors and readers have a chance to contact you. Your readers receive your help through the Contact Us page, which means that you care for your visitors and readers who prefer AdSense. So make sure to create a Contact Us page on your site.

 Other Adsense networks

It is a matter of great significance. Adsense and clicksor can not be used together, because the Clicksor Contextual Ads, which is against Adsense terms, Yahoo is also about Sam So to apply AdSense, you must remove these types of ads from the site.As far as the experience is concerned, with the addition of Yahoo or clicker Adsense, adsense will become banned. And should also be careful about using adwrit and bidwaitaija. If affiliate link should be careful about them, I think that before applying, there will be an appellant for keeping Risk free and just applying Just Links.

Top level domain is the end of the days of getting Adsense. I’m not saying they will not be able to apply, but there was a time when adsense could easily be found by applying sub-domains. But now you have to change this policy as subdomain / blogs are almost spamming.Now to get quick Adsense fast, your blog must be the top-level domain such as com, net, org etc. Those who were dreaming of getting Adsense through blogspot or subdomain, they just bought a top level domain. It will be a lot of trusted offs for you. Top level domain is also vital for getting good response to visitors.

There are several other important things

  • There is no specific answer to this question for the minimum number of posts to apply in AdSense. But from the experience, I’ll definitely take 20-25 of the original content, and if you do not think too much about the wards limit, then the user gets the full WH Question from that topic, so write these as you type to write. However, remember that at least 280-300 wards do not go down.
  • The day of the site is growing, write the site today 10/12 written and applied it and get out of the idea that you will get approved. It is absurd to expect good results from such a unique site, because such a child is not expected from an immature mother. The site edges often work as a big factor.
  • When writing posts, Topics Related has a fairly good seep and High Competitive (Edward) according to the target of the post by posting it Google will be interested to add to your site, and you can get quick access to Adsense.
  • Before applying to Google Adsense, all posts must be kept in mind so that the index is indexed in the search engines. Post to regular social media (especially Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, Reddit, Facebook, Linkedin etc) and bookmark sites to be shared. This will increase traffic on the site day by day.
  • The post will not be used to use extra keywords. For a targeted page, the primary keyword will target the remaining 3 (Max) secondary keywords. In the current context, the idea of ​​meta keywords will not be considered.
  • Different types of semen intentions can not be targeted by targeting the keyword ( good antivirus and best antivirus in many cases, but it is possible that many people will get a different text with the same CPC) and can be used for cannibalization problems.
  • Visitors who do not visit the site will not be interested in Google add-on, obsolete talk, visitor’s site at home then apply.

Apply the above topics correctly and then apply in AdSense. If everything is okay then your Adsense is available from time to time.

Please comment, if you want to know your opinion.Because the next post topics are selected depending on your comment.

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