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About Us

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Welcome to the most popular IT community and blog site in Bangladesh.Our new journey started with 2016 updates. We came to you with all the latest technology based tips and tutorials that are currently available. Our Confidence is our pride. We always try to make sure that our readers are somewhat fair and Could get a perfect idea about Information & Technology (IT).We are hopeful that in the short run the reader’s mind can win.We wish you all the cooperation and sympathy.

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  • Saad Ahmed
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  • Farzana Rahman odhora
  • Sumaiya Islam Rimi
  • Mimi Chowdhury
  • Siam Khan

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  • Abir Rahman
  • Saidul Islam
  • Mehidi Hasan Murad

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  • Zubair Rahman
  • Ariful Islam
  • Mizanur Rahman

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We thank all of our customers and team members And we welcome all the visitors to the best wishes and congratulations. we would like your personal help & If our mistake is requested to look for forgiveness.

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